Volunteer of the Year 2019 – Carol Christensen

Carol Christensen joined the PZF Volunteers several years ago. With a background in data management and personnel leadership, Carol took on the database of our cats and supporters, creating reports and registering microchips much more efficiently. When grants were offered for a shelter cat enrichment program, Carol applied for PZF. When it was awarded, she managed the volunteer group with boundless positive energy, implementing Jackson Galaxy’s “Cat Pawsitive.” Our withdrawn cats became interactive, feisty ones redirected their energy, and the rest enjoyed “working” before they went on quickly to their forever homes. These are tools we now can use for all of our cats’ welfare. Carol then became the spay/neuter voucher coordinator, with the intent to clarify duties and integrate vouchers more fully with the website. From there, she created a written job description, which could be assumed more easily by successive volunteers. Carol and her son Sean were the guides through implementing a new shelter data management program replacing our previous one. She helped the volunteers involved with adoption, foster and medical coordination create records for every feline, tracking them through foster homes, and in-house to adoption. In addition to providing adopters a brief medical record, the data integrate nationally with other rescue and shelter facilities, and document for PZF how we are doing. At home, Carol and her family are usually caring for foster kittens as well. PZF is so fortunate to have Carol as part of our volunteer family, and we celebrate her as the 2019 Volunteer of the Year.