Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc compiled this list of resources as a means of assisting our community in finding no and low-cost spay-neuter and veterinary services for their pets in addition to financial assistance programs. This should not be construed as an endorsement of any kind. We do not endorse, recommend or promote any one organization,  veterinarian or clinic over another. The decision is your sole responsibility as the animal’s guardian.

Actors & Others for Animals

Provides referrals and services for low-income families for spay-neuter and emergency medical assistance. One of Actors & Others’ programs is SPAY CALIFORNIA, a comprehensive database of low-cost spay-neuter services for both feral and tame cats, as well as dogs and rabbits, listed by county. Services listed in their database are not necessarily listed here so it’s worth a look. Go to

Affordable Vet Referral Services

Serving Orange County and surrounding cities. Helps pet owners find affordable solutions to their pet’s expensive treatments and surgeries. 

Amanda Foundation

The Amanda Foundation Mobile Clinic offers free spay-neuter services for dogs and cats to people who qualify. The mobile clinic operates in low-income and under-served areas in Northern Los Angeles County cities by appointment only. You can view the schedule here:

Animal Health Foundation 

Their Angel Fund assists pet owners in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, with veterinary care when paying for care is challenging or impossible. The Boydston Senior Fund assists senior citizens and disabled persons residing in the Los Angeles or Orange County California. There is an application process for each. Qualifying individuals may receive annual awards of up to $500.

Banfield Foundation

Their HOPE Funds program offers financial assistance for income-qualified pet owners whose pet is suffering from an immediately life- threatening condition. Due to the high demand for assistance not every pet owner is approved and the entire cost is usually not covered.

Captain Care

Intervention program for the Carson Shelter in Los Angeles CA, dedicated to helping low-income families by providing help when clients are faced with financial, veterinary, or personal hardship that is driving them to surrender their pet. Will occasionally help those outside the Carson Shelter intake area. Online contact only. 

Care Credit

A credit card specifically for veterinary care with possible no-interest payments.

Daisy’s Hope Foundation

This foundation targets San Bernardino and surrounding cities providing subsidized spay and neuter services, vaccinations and microchips, a pet pantry, and other resources to help low income, senior, and at-risk pet owners in crisis situations to keep their pets out of the shelter system. 

Downtown Dog Rescue

Offers free spay-neuter and other services for dogs of low-income families. Clinics are generally hosted monthly at The Fred Roberts Recreation Area. 

Fix Long Beach

Provides low-cost and free spay-neuter for family-owned cats & dogs belonging to Long Beach residents.


Located in the Burbank area. Provides a free, full-time spay-neuter clinic for feral cats in addition to low-cost, affordable spay-neuter services for tame pet cats as well as vaccination and microchip clinics. They loan out humane traps and equipment to the public free of charge, provide training on how to humanely trap feral cats and kittens, and offer guidance and information on long-term care and management for feral colonies. 

Golden State Humane Society

Two locations, Long Beach and Garden Grove. Low-cost spay-neuter, vaccinations, FeLV tests and basic veterinary care in North Long Beach and Garden Grove. Peter Zippi Memorial Fund provides vouchers to partially cover the cost of spay-neuter surgeries in the Long Beach location only.

Heaven on Earth

San Fernando Valley. Partnered with the Department of Animal Services. Provides low-cost vaccinations for cats & dogs in addition to other veterinary services including low-cost spay-neuter. Some pricing is listed on their website. Other pricing varies and will need to be discussed. 

Humane Society of San Bernardino County

Provides low-cost spay-neuter services to pets of San Bernardino and surrounding communities in addition to vaccination clinics.

At certain times of the year there are also funds available for Senior Citizens and low-income families to assist with the cost of veterinary services for their pets. These funds are generously provided by The Albert and Anna Herdina Memorial Fund and The Banfield Foundation. More information can be found here: and here:

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

This foundation has an emergency medical fund. In specific cases, individuals may apply. Grants are given throughout the year based on availability of funds, eligibility and urgency.

Karma Rescue

Offers free spay-neuter services for dogs 40+ pounds. Call 310.512.7833 or email


North Hollywood. Provides low-cost vaccinations and some veterinary services including free orthopedic consultations. Sample prices are available on their website for easy comparison to a quote you may have in hand.

LA Animal Services

LA Animals Services provides free spay-neuter certificates (vouchers) and discount spay-neuter coupons for Los Angeles City residents. Each household is eligible for 3 dogs and 3 cats. Feral cats and stray dogs do not qualify for this program. Coupons and vouchers can be picked up at all six (6) LA City Animal Shelters or applied for online. Proof of Los Angeles City residency is required. Vouchers are redeemable at various veterinary clinics and mobile events throughout Los Angeles. 

In addition, LA Animal Services currently has five spay/neuter clinics located on-site at City Animal Shelters that are open to the public to sterilize your companion animal. The clinics are independently operated and you must contact the clinic operator directly for questions about spaying or neutering your pet and related services.

LA City Voucher Program & Spay-Neuter Clinic details:

LA County Animal Care and Control

You may receive a discount voucher for your dog or cat if you live in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, or in a contract city that has chosen to participate in the voucher program AND you meet just one of several qualifications listed in their program details.

Voucher Program Link:

Latino Alliance for Animal Care Foundation

Latino Alliance for Animal Care Foundation works with other groups to bring low-cost spay-neuter and veterinary services to communities. They currently provide spay-neuter clinics on most Sundays in Panorama City. An appointment is required. Call 818-493-9078 or email for more information.

Lucy Pet Foundation

The Lucy Pet Foundation Mobile Clinic offers free spay-neuter services through the LAAS Voucher Program for dogs and cats of qualified City of Los Angeles residents. They also offer low-cost spay-neuter services for Los Angeles County residents in addition to low-cost vaccines, licensing, deworming, microchipping and other services. To find out if you qualify or to make an appointment, please call 1-855-499-5829 or email

Mercy Crusade

Offers low-cost veterinary services including spay-neuter in the Oxnard area by appointment. Additional financial assistance may also be available.

Michelson Found Animals Foundation

They maintain an online database of low-cost spay-neuter clinics that is searchable by zip code:

Orange County SPCA

For those who cannot afford it, the Orange County SPCA provides vouchers to get feral cats fixed. They also provide counseling on how to do TNR and loan out humane traps if needed. Their Animal Relief Fund (ARF) also provides assistance to low-income pet owners with both emergency veterinary care and low-cost spay-neuter assistance for residents of Orange County.

Domestic Cat Program Link:

Feral Cat Program Link:

Pasadena Humane Society

Offers a wide range of services including a pet food bank, low-cost spay-neuter and vaccinations in addition to a TNR program. 


Assists low-income seniors and people disabled with life-threatening illnesses care for their companion animals by providing veterinary care, pet food and supplies, temporary foster homes, and volunteer services — all at no charge.

Pet Assistance Foundation

Provides education and assistance with spay-neuter services.

Pet Care Veterinary Center

This is a good resource for low-cost veterinary; no appointments; very long wait time.

Pet Orphans

Pet Orphans is a charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of companion animal welfare and to combating overpopulation, abandonment and the need for euthanasia. They are located in Van Nuys and promote a low-cost veterinary clinic.

Pet Overpopulation Coalition (Popco)

Serves the citizens of Riverside and San Bernardino counties through a spay-neuter voucher program. 


RedRover helps animals rescued from disasters or neglect, domestic violence victims seeking safety with their pets, and animals with life-threatening illnesses.

Simi Valley Non-Profit Spay & Neuter

They provide low-cost spay-neuter services and free spay-neuter of feral cats. 

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation

National. Provides funding and support in various areas including pets of individuals where medical hardship is present.

The Pet Fund

The Pet Fund is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals in the United States who need veterinary care. There is an application process clearly defined on their website.

The Sam Simon Foundation

The Sam Simon Foundation’s mobile veterinary clinic offers a variety of free surgeries for cats and dogs belonging to families that earn less than $40,000 per year. Aside from doing high-volume spay-neuter once a week, they also perform mass removals, amputations, bladder stone removals, eye removals, entropion repair, inguinal hernia repair and more. Note that this is strictly a surgery clinic, and does not offer general exams or perform diagnostics.


A mobile clinic providing high-quality spay-neuter surgeries and low-cost vaccinations in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Spay Neuter Project Los Angeles (SNPLA) 

A non-profit organization providing low-cost spay-neuter services, vaccinations, basic tests, and wellness clinics. SNPLA offers most services in three locations and also has mobile clinics throughout Southern California. Peter Zippi Memorial Fund provides vouchers to partially cover the cost of spay-neuter surgery at all SNPLA brick & mortar locations.

START Rescue

START was formed in order to address the issues of overpopulation by providing two very important components: transport and spay-neuter. Their website includes a wealth of assistance based resources including financial aid, low-cost spay-neuter, veterinary, services specific to our homeless communities and many other services that may not be listed here. It’s definitely worth a look especially if you live outside of South Bay Los Angeles.

Vet Care Pet Clinic

Based in Garden Grove. Their hospital services include low-cost spay-neuter. They also have mobile clinics with various services available.

Voice for the Animals Foundation

An organization devoted to creating respect and empathy for animals through education, rescue, legislation, and advocacy. Their Helping Friends program gives seniors, people with disabilities, terminal illnesses, and individuals on fixed incomes the extra support they need to care for their animals, who often are their only companions.

Western Veterinary Group

A full-service veterinary hospital located in Torrance. Peter Zippi Memorial Fund provides vouchers to partially cover the cost of spay-neuter surgeries. They have a comprehensive feral cat package and our voucher covers the majority of the cost. Appointments are required.