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Pet Friendly Housing

Savvy landlords can gain a competitive edge for their properties even when the shrinking economy means that “For Rent” signs are sprouting everywhere for the first time in years. The rental vacancy rate remains high.By welcoming tenants with pets, landlords can multiply the pool of great applicants…
This resource also includes an additional link to pet-friendly apartment rentals as well as encouraging landlords to accept pets.
It’s not only for people looking for pet-friendly places but does include a filter to include pet-friendly places in your search. You have to turn it on. Click on the link. Enter the City you want to live then click on “more filters” where you can add a + for Dogs & Cats.

ApartmentGuide is trying to help take some of the confusion out of the process through their pet-friendly resources for renters. Their blog contains many articles on renting and pets. You can check those out here: Searching for a pet friendly apartment? Go to and check “Pets Allowed” under the filter labeled “More”. has a free resource that provides comprehensive information for seniors on topics like the benefits and risks of pet ownership, things to consider before bringing a pet into a community, pet adoption, and State sponsored organizations that support both pets and their elderly owners. You can read more about their work here:

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Reporting Animal Cruelty in Los Angeles

LA Animal Services asks that anyone who knows of animal cruelty, neglect, dog fighting, gamecock fighting or any other forms of animal abuse within the City of Los Angeles, should call the Animal Cruelty Task Force at 213-486-0450. For calls other than animal cruelty, contact the shelter closest to you at 888-452-7381.

Lost & Found Pets

Spread the Word with PawBoost! PawBoost is a service that allows you to report a lost or found pet for free on their local PawBoost Facebook page. As you are checking the area last seen don’t forget to check PawBoost’s Lost & Found Database. Want to help lost pets in your area? Join the Rescue Squad!​

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