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The purpose of this questionnaire is to supply current information about the animal for which you want help rehoming. It will provide the basis on which we refer potential adopters. The more complete information that you provide, the better chance your animal has for finding a new adopter. A tax-deductable donation is requested for intake of an animal, and can be discussed with the adoption counselors. As PZF is a cat rescue organization, many of our questions are referenced to cats. Dog profiles can be entered using almost all the same fields, with N/A or dog-appropriate wording

If you experience any difficulties with this form (or if you are not using a forms-capable browser), you may email your responses to:

It is required to provide us with 1 – 3 pictures of the pet, you may attach them using the form below.

We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential. We will not sell, rent, or lease your personal information to third parties, and we will not provide your personal information to any third party individual, government agency, or company at any time unless compelled to do so by law.