Re-homing Resources

Re-homing Resources

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Even the most devoted animal lovers can be faced with making the difficult choice of re-homing their pet. If resources are the driving force behind your re-homing decision we have compiled a list of resources for pet supplies and veterinary services that may help you keep your pet available here. If you are experiencing behavioral issues with a cat or dog, our friends at the Mary S Roberts Pet Adoption Center have compiled a list of resources that can help. For behavior problems in cats click here for dogs click here

If re-homing your pet is your only option, re-homing yourself is almost always a better option than bringing them to a city or county shelter. We encourage you to seek a loving home through trusted family members, friends, and even co-workers first. There are also many successful re-homing stories through social networking sites like Nextdoor and Facebook. When utilizing public forums it’s best to provide as much information as possible and to keep in mind that some people can be judgmental about rehoming animals. We can’t stress the importance of  ensuring that you are turning your pet over to a person or family with the best of intentions for your beloved pet enough. A re-homing fee is highly recommended.

In addition to standard networking there are now several excellent re-homing sites that will connect you with people actively looking to adopt. We provide this list of resources as a means of assisting our community in finding alternatives when rehoming a pet becomes a need. This should not be construed as an endorsement of any kind. We do not endorse, recommend, or promote any one option or organization over another. The decision is your sole responsibility as the animal’s current guardian.

Cat Sanctuaries

There are several alternatives for cat sanctuaries in California, these are likely just a few. They may offer a combination of a permanent home while also having the cat available to go to a new home. It will likely vary depending upon the organization as well as the placing party. Each will likely require a donation, but most people feel the option is a good value compared to the dismal outcome for the pet at a local shelter.

The Care Sanctuary

Cat House on Kings
Located in Parlier (near Fresno) on Hwy 99

National Cat Protection Society
949-650-1232 Newport Beach
619-469-8771 Spring Valley

Pet Pride Cat Shelter
Culver City

Blue Bell Foundation for Cats
Laguna Beach

Another excellent resource is Best Friends Animal Society. This is a huge sanctuary which, although they cannot take in the animals, offers objective help in all manner of companion animal issues without any underlying financial motivation related to resources.