Feral Cat Resources

Feral Cats vs. Stray Cats

Feral Cats have never been socialized to people but they are still a part of the domestic species. They exhibit some degree of wild behavior and can live full, healthy lives outdoors. A stray cat has been socialized to people but is lost or abandoned. A stray cat has the potential to become a pet again. Learn more about the differences from our friends at Alley Cat Allies: https://www.alleycat.org/resources/feral-and-stray-cats-an-important-difference/#Difference.

What is TNR?

TNR is Trap, Neuter, and Release. It’s a humane and non-lethal way of managing feral (or community) cat populations. Peter Zippi Memorial Fund has always believed that TNR is the right approach. 

We have a variety of traps available to loan out to the community. We ask for a $50 deposit per trap. The deposit is fully refundable once the trap(s) return to us. If you would like to reserve a trap please call 310-379-1264 to schedule an appointment.

All successful TNR projects begin with a solid plan. You should schedule appointments for surgeries before trapping. We currently offer spay-neuter vouchers at 7 Southern California clinics that work with feral cats. Golden State Humane, Quality Animal Clinic, and Western Veterinary Group have comprehensive feral cat packages to address spay-neuter in addition to flea control and vaccinations. SNPLA provides surgeries for feral cats at a reduced cost. Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc covers $70 of the cost associated with the spay-neuter of a feral cat at the locations listed on our Spay & Neuter Assistance page. For information on how to obtain assistance through our spay-neuter voucher program please click here: https://www.peterzippifund.org/spay-neuter/.

The resources below can provide beneficial information on how to help feral cats, including additional spay-neuter resources, barn cat programs, training material, and workshops, as well as connections with people well-trained in helping situations like yours.