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 . Gigi .  . Gigi .  . Gigi .  . Gigi .  . Gigi .
When Gigi joined us from an LA City Shelter in August she was a little spitfire who would take on even the biggest of kittens and they backed off! We can only imagine what she went through before she was picked up off the streets but it’s clear she’s a survivor. Gigi had a break at the bottom of her femur. Her x-rays were sent to a surgeon who determined she was healing just fine. After a month in our care and socializing with other kittens she has blossomed into a sweet, little love bug. At her age, it’s important to have another animal friend who can continue to show her the proper way to interact and play with others. Do you have a friend for her? If not, we do! How about adopting two?
 . Harley .  . Harley .  . Harley .  . Harley .  . Harley .
Harley came to us from an LA City Shelter with a break at the top of his femur. It had pretty much healed so no surgery was required. Harley did have a bit of physical therapy and is doing great now. He is a playful little guy but once he spends all of his kitten energy he’s ready to snuggle. Harley has been known to give a thorough face wash while being held. He is at that age when it’s important to have another animal friend who can help him maintain his excellent manners. Do you have that friend for him? If not, we do! How about adopting two?
 . Junebug .  . Junebug .  . Junebug .  . Junebug .
Junebug joined us from an LA City Shelter on June 10th. She was a singleton in need of a friend and we had one just like her in foster care. When she met Lily she immediately wanted to be friends. This little lady is a total love bug. Junebug is confident and loves all new-comers; cats, kittens, people alike. She is a well-developed purr machine. An active player, but also a calm lap kitten. Junebug is even-tempered and always happy, social, and affectionate. At approximately 3 months of age, she needs to have a friend. She and Lily get along well, and sleep/nap together.
 . Lily .  . Lily .  . Lily .  . Lily .  . Lily .  . Lily .
Lily came to us from an LA City Shelter on June 4th. She had arrived at the shelter sick & injured. Lily had been dragging her rear left leg when we welcomed her but there is no evidence of that now. Our Veterinarian confirmed the leg wasn’t broken and she healed nicely while being loved in foster care. From the start, Lily was a perfect lap cat and continues to be so. She has developed well since being integrated into PZF. Time with other kittens has evened her demeanor, and her confidence has gone up tremendously. Plays with string toys, small felt balls and a stuffed Sebastian, the lobster from The Little Mermaid. She has an independent spirit. At times she observes others at play from afar — top of a cage or from her own cage. Lily isn’t one to initiate interaction but accepts all attention from people, comfortable with all ages, and most cats. She loves to be brushed, and her foster Dad says has “the softest fur ever”. Lily is approximately 4 months and would benefit from the company of another kitten or playful cat as she matures. She and Junebug get along well, and sleep/nap together.
 . Georgina .  . Georgina .  . Georgina .  . Georgina .  . Georgina .  . Georgina .
Georgina came to us from a city shelter on April 26th. All four of her foot bones were broken on her left hindfoot. Georgina did not share with us what had happened. Tiny pins were inserted down the center of each of Georgina's foot bones, and after 6 weeks of healing in the proper alignment, the pins were removed in a very simple procedure, followed by two more weeks in a splint. Georgina underwent uncomfortable weekly wound cleaning, followed by dressing and splint changes throughout this time. Our fabulous fosters took her for her weekly hospital visits and kept her at their home through her post-op recovery and care. Georgina then lived in two more foster homes for “rehab” recovery and one last surgery to spay her. In each of the homes, she has made herself comfortable on laps and demonstrated she is able to get along with other cats non-aggressively. Georgina has been calm, sweet and compliant, and despite all the painful tests, procedures and surgeries, she has never once expressed any negative behavior. She now has full use of her foot, which is a little inflexible, but she leaps and runs with no trouble. Confident and resilient, she would also be fine with respectful children and dogs.
 . Max .  . Max .  . Max .  . Max .  . Max .
Max came to us from an LA City Shelter on June 4th. He is a gentle soul who enjoys sharing space with his humans. So much so that he instantly purrs when petted. Overall, Max is mellow and calm around the kittens and other young cats in his community room. We suspect he would be calm with other respectful adult cats as well. Max is a big dose of sweetness wrapped in gray tabby stripes. Once he gives you his “serious look” with those big soulful eyes you’ll be hooked.
 . Ringo .  . Ringo .  . Ringo .  . Ringo .  . Ringo .
Ringo and his brother, John came to us from the community at the end of May 2019 when they were approximately 1 ½ months old. Their mother and her sister were being cared for by a very kind and loving man. When both of them had kittens he knew he needed to do more than feed them. Ringo is one cool cat. He loves to lounge and quite often can be found “chilling out” with one of the many friends he’s made in our community cat room. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to play. His favorite toy is a feather on a string and he will chase it high and low. Ringo gets all the attention at offsite adoption events which is why we are surprised he hasn’t been adopted yet. His cool nature would be a welcome addition to any home.
 . John .  . John .  . John .  . John .
John and his siblings came to us from the community. Their mother and her sister were being cared for by a very kind and loving man. When both of them had kittens he felt overwhelmed and knew they could have a better life. After speaking to one of our volunteers numerous times he decided to surrender them to us. John is very sweet, playful, and affectionate. He is very fond of his brother Ringo, but we think they are confident enough to be separated as long as there is another cat to bond and play with in their new home.
 . Paris .  . Paris .  . Paris .  . Paris .  . Paris .
Paris came to us from an LA City Shelter with a dislocated hip several weeks ago. Unfortunately, the injury wasn’t something that could heal on its own. Surgery was performed and a full recovery is expected thanks to the loving care of her fabulous foster Mama. Paris has a super sweet and loving personality. In fact, this little lady hugs like a monkey. While she can be playful, Paris is a bit more “serious” and prefers to spend her time relaxing with and being loved by you. Paris doesn’t mind sharing her space with dogs and would likely do fine with a respectful cat or two. Are you looking for a total lap cat? Paris is your gal. Your lap will be her favorite place and you will be rewarded with hugs.
Dee Dee
 . Dee Dee .  . Dee Dee .  . Dee Dee .  . Dee Dee .  . Dee Dee .
Dee Dee was an owner surrender. She was clearly taken care of and friendly with people so we decided to take her “home” with us. After just a short time, Dee Dee didn't seem very happy living in a shelter environment so we placed her in a foster home to see how she would do. Who doesn't love all the comforts of home? She is an extremely confident lady, and exemplifies “tortitude.” Dee Dee is very happy to be loved by humans, explores her home with curiosity, and enjoys having conversations with her people. In fact, she enjoys her people so much she prefers not to share them. Are you looking for a PURRfect companion? Dee Dee just may be the one for you!
 . Ace .  . Ace .  . Ace .  . Ace .  . Ace .  . Ace .
I’m a confident fella and perfectly fine laying back while you work your way to me. As a result, I tend to be overlooked for the cuddly kittens and playful adults. I am really smart, and love challenges and to challenge the volunteers in return. I play hard to get sometimes but rattle those Temptations treats and I am down quick as can be. I have lots of fun helping in the office, I am determined to find out what makes that machine spit out paper. I am around the office dog and while we are not close friends we can share the same big room in peace. No other cats and no small children would be my purrfect home. Are you a kind human? I would love to be your friend. I am low maintenance and watching the world go by through a sunny window makes me as happy as a clam as does being brushed till my coat is shiny. Ace is currently residing in a foster home, please call or email to request availability during open adoption hours or for an appointment.
 . Rose .  . Rose .  . Rose .
  • Domestic Short Hair, Tabby
  • Adult, Female, Medium
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without cats
  • Contact us about Rose
*** COURTESY POSTING - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc will provide your information to the caretaker if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous feline. *** Rose is a sweet, playful, declawed (front only and was rescued this way) 7 ½-year-old cat looking for a permanent home. She is an indoor cat and must remain so. Rose can sometimes be a little shy around new people and new situations. She hasn't been lap cat… but that could change. Rose loves being close though. She will sleep at the foot of your bed every night and coo affectionately when you pet her. Rose loves to be brushed, loves to play and she is always happy! Her annual check-up was in January 2019, she was found to be in excellent health. She is up-to-date on all her vaccines. Rose will be a warm addition to any loving family. How she would react to children and/or dogs is unknown however, she prefers to be your one and only cat. She was my mother’s devoted companion – for five years – until her untimely passing in June. Her final wish was for Rose to be cared for and loved after she was gone… can you help make that wish come true?
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