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 . Glow .  . Glow .  . Glow .  . Glow .
Glow joined us just a few weeks ago from an LA City shelter. This proud gal holds her head and tail up high. Glow is front of the cage friendly at adoption events. She really enjoys greeting and interacting with people. In fact, she loves people and loves to be loved. Glow gets along with respectful cats, ones with similar energy to her, but we don’t think she needs a cat friend to be happy. If you are seeking a wonderful companion, look no further than Glow.
 . Kip .  . Kip .  . Kip .  . Kip .  . Kip .
Kip is gentle, very sweet and ADORES people. He just loves to be held and stroked and played with by human friends. He is just about the easiest cat we have ever seen. Kip would be a lovely companion to respectful children, other cats, and all adults. His sense of play combined with sweetness will make him an excellent companion for any and all. Never had a cat before? Kip is your “starter cat,” and will show you how life can never be complete again without a cat.
 . Isabel .  . Isabel .  . Isabel .  . Isabel .
Isabel is an affectionate cat, who has gone through a few changes in her life. She was surrendered to a shelter by her owner September 2018 and adopted soon thereafter. Within a week, she came back to the shelter, as that home didn’t work out. We met her in January, and found her living in a community room with a number of other adult cats. When we approached Isabel, she rolled onto her back for a belly rub. She was talkative, and quite amicable, so she came to join the PZF family. A physical exam revealed a soft mass on her lower back, which the lab reported as benign. Since she needed a dental cleaning, the mass was removed at the same time without any complication. Repeat lab results on the tissue were consistent with the earlier ones. Several weeks of cage rest seemed to dampen her enthusiasm for coming out and interacting with the cats in her new common room but she continued to respond to volunteers with purrs. Isabel began coming out more on her own and with each passing day her mojo is returning. She is peaceful with her cat neighbors and a conversationalist with anyone who wishes to chat. Isabel still purrs in response to any form of affection. Isabel would be a wonderful companion in a home with adults who enjoy a sweet and interactive adult.
Dee Dee
 . Dee Dee .  . Dee Dee .  . Dee Dee .  . Dee Dee .  . Dee Dee .
Dee Dee was an owner surrender. She was clearly taken care of and friendly with people so we decided to take her “home” with us. After just a short time, Dee Dee didn't seem very happy living in a shelter environment so we placed her in a foster home to see how she would do. Who doesn't love all the comforts of home? She is an extremely confident lady, and exemplifies “tortitude.” Dee Dee is very happy to be loved by humans, explores her home with curiosity, and enjoys having conversations with her people. In fact, she enjoys her people so much she prefers not to share them. Are you looking for a PURRfect companion? Dee Dee just may be the one for you!
 . Autumn .  . Autumn .  . Autumn .  . Autumn .  . Autumn .
We picked up Autumn from a city shelter after her owner turned her in without any information. While her history is a mystery one thing is clear, this gal is mild mannered and incredibly easy to handle. On the car ride from the shelter she just curled up and enjoyed the ride. Autumn gets along fabulously with other cats. She loves people and takes advantage of any opportunity to show her affection. If you are looking for a sweet cat that loves to be loved, Autumn is the one!
 . Ace .  . Ace .  . Ace .  . Ace .  . Ace .
I went to a home with another cat and it turns out, I play too rough. When I was a little one I suffered an injury that required I be on cage rest. I didn’t get the opportunity to learn from my littermates so it’s best that I remain your one and only. I am quite fond of humans and I will give you lots of love so I'm really all the cat you need. I promise! I’m a confident fella and perfectly fine laying back while you work your way to me. As a result, I tend to be overlooked for the cuddly kittens and playful adults. I am really smart, and love challenges and to challenge the volunteers in return. One of my favorite games is hide-n-seek. I hide in closets, on top of cabinets, and watch the humans search for me. I play hard to get but rattle those Temptations treats and I am down quick as can be. I have lots of fun helping in the office, I am determined to find out what makes that machine spit out paper. It’s great fun but it never wants to play as long as I do. I am not afraid of dogs, I am around the office dog and while we are not close friends we can share the same big room in peace. No other cats, and no small children would be my purrfect home. Are you a kind human? I would love to be your friend. I am low maintenance and watching the world go by through a sunny window makes me as happy as a clam as does being brushed till my coat is shiny.
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