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Marla is a very sweet little gal. Shy at times but her curiosity brings her out. She really enjoys the pets and is a huge fan of belly rubs. Marla isn’t a big of a fan of being held but with each passing day, she’s becoming more and more open to the idea, especially when belly rubs are involved. She has the most adorable little white mark on her nose and likes to talk. We think Marla grew up on her own as she can be a little timid when first meeting other cats & kittens. Once she has a chance to get to know them she becomes more relaxed and playful.


Minnie is a special little girl with a gentle personality. Don’t let that fool you because she plays with a lot of energy. Minnie can’t resist the call of a string toy disappearing around a corner. When she’s not exploring she prefers a high perch where she can watch the activities around her. With her reserved nature, she would do best in a quiet house. Her love of fellow felines means she would do wonderfully with another cat who is open to having a buddy. Minnie loves affection, she will cling to and purr loudly for the lucky person she bonds with. Are you ready to win her heart?

Wee Bean
Wee BeanWee BeanWee Bean
Wee BeanWee Bean

Wee Bean is a delightful young man who is sight impaired due to a head injury at 2 weeks old. That doesn’t stop him from exploring as any teenager would. Wee Bean loves to climb, jump, and run around with wild abandon. Whenever he is unsure of a situation he always puts a paw forward to “test” the situation. Wee Bean also loves to listen to classical music, play with ribbon wand toys, and roll around in cat tunnels. After he’s had his fun he loves to nap in a perfect sun puddle or in a nice warm human lap. This boy can be very mellow and so loving. Everyone who meets him falls in love and he falls in love with everyone he meets. Are you ready to meet the love of your life?


Coco is a reserved little lady who was rescued from the streets of Torrance by a kind soul. She was on the shy side when she joined us but is gaining confidence daily. Coco finds comfort in being held, enjoys snuggling right into your neck, and will purr up a storm while lying on her back in your arms. She is very good with other cats and has a very gentle style of play. Coco shares a community room with a quiet cat who is nearly blind. She engages him in quiet play and is always open to receive a few kisses from him in return. At her age, it is ideal for her to be in a home with another kitten or young cat. Coco would also benefit greatly from a patient and understanding person who could help her blossom into the fabulous feline we know she is destined to be.


I came from the shelter to PZF. I’m not sure how things happen, like where my first home went, but what I am sure of is how much I love people. I have very poor vision, but I can hear people, and go right to them and rub against their legs. When I’m held or stroked, I make biscuits unrestrained. I trust people completely. I ride quietly in a car and am happy to be in a room with cats and kittens that are friendly. If I’m alone, I search out toys and play by myself. People tell me that I am just adorable! But do not tell me that I am handicapped, because I just wouldn’t understand that. After my neurologist looked at my brain scan, he said it would be important for me to be protected from any head trauma. I would do best in a home that isn’t too busy and without stairs. I would be sweet as pie with toddlers and children, but a lot of random indoor activity might be challenging for me to navigate, and risky. If you are seeking a calm, Zen-like companion, with positive vibes and abundant love to share, ask if we might be a match.


I’ve been told it was looking pretty glum. I was six weeks old, sitting in a shelter with a badly fractured pelvis. Peter Zippi was called and a nice lady picked me up. An orthopedic specialist was needed for my tiny size and extent of the injury. I had an examination and an MRI. The orthopedist felt if I stayed quiet and grew up a little my “soft” bones of babyhood would be able to develop and heal. I stayed in the most loving foster home while all this happened. I walked really funny at first. Staying quiet was nearly impossible for me, but with constant love and attention instead of wild play, I began to walk more normally and ceased to need pain medicine. I’m a “free-range” kitten in search of a fur-ever home now! I did fine with my spay surgery, and have no signs of a previous injury when I walk or tear around the house like a tornado. I’ll need another set of x-rays on my six-month birthday. Peter Zippi will cover it. I just need you to cover my fur-ever home. I promise to entertain you every day. I can do a complete somersault after chasing down the toy you throw across the room for me. I’ll even help you find unexplored nooks and crannies in our home. I really love people so I may follow you around the house. I hope that’s OK.


Rylee loves to be loved… and brushed, and otherwise doted upon. She will return your kindness and love with purrs and nuzzles. Rylee is unassuming and will patiently wait for your attention. When Rylee first joined us, she had had it rough for a while. She was disheveled and unable to groom herself due to constant pain from untreated gingivitis. Despite her pain, Rylee would respond to any gesture of love and caring with a rub of her cheek. Once she was out of pain Rylee became even more engaging and so very loving when invited to do so. She is very calm and comfortable with people but also loves to play. Rylee does well with cats that are respectful of her space but we suspect her true desire is to be someone’s “one and only”. Rylee is a gentle and accepting young lady. She needs a place to call “home”, where the best is yet to come.

  • Domestic Short Hair, Tortoiseshell, Mixed
  • Adult, Female, Large
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Housebroken
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without dogsPrefers home without cats
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*** COURTESY POSTING - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc will provide your contact information to the appropriate contact if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous feline. *** This is Rosie! She is a 7-year-old Tortie. She enjoys a warm lap, gentle scratch or brush and is quite communicative. Our Aunt passed away recently and we took her cat in to find her another home. Rosie is very sweet, currently, she has lost her best friend and owner and in transition. Rosie will do best with an adult owner in a quiet, single pet home she can transition into and be a loving friend to someone. She is very loving when she is comfortable with you, but enjoys her downtime.

  • Domestic Short Hair, Tortoiseshell, Mixed
  • Adult, Female, Medium
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Housebroken
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without cats
  • Contact us about Flakita

*** COURTESY POSTING - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc will provide your contact information to the appropriate contact if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous feline. *** Ms. Flakita is a charming and beautiful Tortoiseshell girl who is approximately 5-years of age. She is youthful and playful. Flakita loves to cuddle and will purr loudly to show her appreciation for your affection. While she has spent time in a home with cats, this beauty would prefer to be your “one and only.” Flakita has tested positive for FIV and is otherwise healthy. She is very adoptable, and can live the same lifespan as an FIV-negative cat. If you’re looking to add a cat to your life, Flakita will make a family with no other pets incredibly happy.