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Meet Zoey, a beautiful dilute Tortie with a story similar to her BFF, Taylor. Found together, these two share a special bond, though we're not entirely sure they're siblings by blood. Zoey is a bit more reserved than Taylor, but she still engages in playtime and enjoys pets. Zoey appreciates her independence and often finds a quiet spot to relax, but she also plays well with others and participates in the fun in the community room. Her gentle nature and subtle charm make her a lovely companion. If you're looking for a sweet and independent cat who can also enjoy social time, Zoey is the perfect addition to your home. Come meet her and see how her quiet grace and playful moments can enrich your life.


Taylor is a stunning Tortie girl with a personality as vibrant as her coat. Born just after Christmas 2023, Taylor started her life on the streets but has since found her way into our hearts. This beautiful girl can be as sweet as she is sassy, loving affection but sometimes becoming overstimulated by it. Taylor thrives in the community room, where she loves playing with other cats, especially her BFF Zoey. She also cherishes her independent time, often finding a quiet spot to observe or take a nap. Taylor's unique blend of playfulness and independence makes her a delightful companion. If you're looking for a cat with a mix of sweetness, sass, and a touch of independence, Taylor is the perfect choice. Come meet her and see how she can brighten your home with her lively spirit and affectionate nature.


Frasier is an adorable mini house panther with a sleek black coat and a heart full of love. Though he took his time growing up in foster care, barely hitting two pounds at three months old, Frasier has proven the saying true: he's tiny but mighty. Frasier is a lovable guy bursting with energy and affection. He gets along beautifully with every feline he meets, making him a wonderful companion for other cats. While he can be a bit shy when meeting new people, he quickly comes around and warms up, ready to share his boundless love. If you're looking for a sweet, energetic cat with a lot of love to give, Frasier is the perfect match. Give this tiny but mighty guy a chance, and he'll fill your home with joy and companionship.


Meet Ollie, the sweet orange tabby who was found near Wilson Park in Torrance. Despite several attempts to find his family, no one stepped forward, so Ollie is now looking for a new loving home. He can be a bit nervous when he first meets you, but his loving nature quickly takes over, and he can’t stay away for long. Playful and attention-loving, Ollie thrives on human interaction. If you're ready to give him the love and care he deserves, Ollie will be a loyal and affectionate companion.


Abby is a captivating house panther that exudes confidence. Despite appearing at a feral colony north of Hermosa, Abby's friendly demeanor immediately set her apart. Recognizing her need for care and compassion, an independent rescuer swooped in to provide her with the love and attention she deserved. Now under our care, Abby, approximately 8 months old, radiates an easygoing charm and is eager to socialize with all humans. Her friendly and affectionate nature makes her an instant favorite among all she meets. With Abby by your side, you'll discover the true meaning of unconditional love and companionship.


Meet Lillith, our captivating house panther with a sleek, stunning black coat and an athletic build. Her room-filling purrs and warm, affectionate nature make her a true cuddle enthusiast. Lillith's heart is as big as her purrs, and she adores both humans and fellow furry friends with equal enthusiasm. Lillith is incredibly playful and loves meeting new feline friends. Her boundless energy and curiosity make every day an adventure. She easily adapts to new playmates and environments, bringing joy and excitement wherever she goes. With her winning combination of athleticism, beauty, and boundless affection, Lillith is sure to capture the hearts of all who meet her. If you're looking for a loyal and loving companion who's always ready for a cuddle session or a new friend to play with, Lillith is the perfect choice.


Eva loves spending time with her friends in our kitten room, where her playful spirit shines. She is a confident little lady who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to assert herself, even commanding the older kittens when it suits her. Despite her spunky attitude, she also has an affectionate side and enjoys cuddles when she's in the mood. If you're looking for a kitten with a perfect mix of confidence, sass, and affection, Eva is your girl. She's ready to bring her unique charm and playful energy to her forever home.


Introducing Holly, a resilient feline with a heart of gold. Originally rescued by Peter Zippi as a tiny kitten at the end of 2020, Holly found what was thought to be her forever home with a kind lady in January 2021. However, life had other plans, and after three years, Holly returned to us in January 2024. Adjusting to this unexpected turn of events hasn't been easy for Holly, but thanks to the care and support of a loving foster home, she's slowly rediscovering trust and confidence. At first reserved, Holly blossoms into a loving companion once she feels secure in her surroundings. With patience and understanding, she transforms into a devoted lap cat, seeking warmth and affection from her human companions. Despite the challenges she's faced, Holly's playful spirit remains intact. At just four years young, she still enjoys engaging in gentle play. Holly's journey highlights the importance of patience and compassion, and she's now ready to find a home with someone who will appreciate her resilience and offer the understanding she deserves. If you're looking for a loyal and loving companion, Holly might just be the perfect match for you.


Beau is a handsome orange and white tabby who joined the Peter Zippi family in early February. He is a unique cat who needs a special family to understand and respect his boundaries. While he may not offer his love immediately, with patience and understanding, Beau's affection blossoms. Initially reserved, Beau prefers to approach on his own terms. However, once comfortable, his playful and affectionate nature shines through. In our community room, Beau thrives with other young cats, enjoying playful antics and bonding with his feline friends. Each day, his confidence grows as he becomes more familiar with the humans he knows. For the right family willing to provide time, patience, and understanding, Beau promises to be a loyal and loving companion. If you're ready to welcome a unique and charming feline into your home, consider opening your heart to Beau and watch his unique spirit shine brighter each day.


Meet Sonny, the handsome orange and white gentleman who has faced life's challenges with grace and resilience. Born in December 2015, Sonny first joined our family in December 2020, and his journey since then is nothing short of inspiring. Sonny's story took it’s first turn when he was rescued, thin and sickly, from a dog fighting ring. He spent several months under our care, where he not only regained his health but also tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). However, his FIV status never deterred us from finding him the loving home he deserved. In February 2021, a compassionate young couple embraced Sonny's FIV+ status and adopted him, assuring us they would provide him with all the love and care he needed. Sadly, due to family conflicts, this promise was broken, and Sonny returned to us in August. Sonny is not just a cat; he's a real sweetheart and a big, lovable teddy bear. He thrives on companionship and will quietly follow you around as you go about your day, settling down next to you when you take a seat. His endearing "chirps" are his way of saying, "I'm here, and I'd love your company," and his purrs start the moment he receives your attention. While Sonny has a mellow and easy-going demeanor, he also has a playful side that will warm your heart. Watching him play is a joy in itself. Recently, we learned that Sonny has kidney disease, but he's stable with a special diet to maintain his health. Sonny has shown immense gratitude for the love he's received, and he deserves nothing less than a happy home and secure love for the rest of his life. If you're ready to open your heart and home to this incredible survivor and gentle soul, Sonny is more than ready to become a cherished member of your family. Give him the chance to fill your life with love, warmth, and companionship like no other.


Jackie has graced us with her presence since November 2022. Rescued from an LA County shelter, this resilient beauty overcame the challenges of her past, emerging as a gentle and affectionate adult ready to find her forever home. At first, Jackie may appear timid, but give her a chance to warm up, and you'll be rewarded with a heartwarming display of love and affection. Her playful spirit shines through as she delights in chasing feathers on a string and other toys. To thrive, Jackie seeks a tranquil home where patience and love abound. A family willing to provide her with the time and attention she needs to feel safe and secure will witness her blossom into an even more loving companion. Litter box trained and up to date on vaccinations, Jackie is ready to become the heart and soul of a loving family.