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Wee Bean
Wee BeanWee BeanWee Bean
Wee BeanWee Bean

Wee Bean is a delightful young man who is sight impaired due to a head injury at 2 weeks old. That doesn’t stop him from exploring as any teenager would. Wee Bean loves to climb, jump, and run around with wild abandon. Whenever he is unsure of a situation he always puts a paw forward to “test” the situation. Wee Bean also loves to listen to classical music, play with ribbon wand toys, and roll around in cat tunnels. After he’s had his fun he loves to nap in a perfect sun puddle or in a nice warm human lap. This boy can be very mellow and so loving. Everyone who meets him falls in love and he falls in love with everyone he meets. Are you ready to meet the love of your life?


My Mama was a community cat, and a nice older lady fed her and loved her. One thing she didn’t think to do for her was getting her spayed. The lady sought assistance when she noticed that Mama was pretty plump. The afternoon that a nice rescue lady put Mama in a carrier in her back seat was when Mama had me and 5 siblings, right there in the carrier in the back seat. So four of us have already found fur-ever homes. My sister Betty is often off adventuring. I love people, and if someone is in the room, I am asking to be picked up so I can curl up in their lap. My sister and I have become tightly bonded now that it’s just the two of us. It would be best for our little personalities if we could go to our next (and last) home together. We have perfect manners and everyone says we’re just the cutest! Hope we see you soon!


One thing about my Mama, she is very organized and smart. The afternoon that a nice rescue lady put her in a carrier in her back seat was when Mama gave birth to me and my siblings. Six of us, right there in the carrier in the back seat. We lived with the rescue lady for three weeks while the area rescue folks tried to find an organization to take us all and find us good homes. Peter Zippi was able to move us all to one of their really nice foster homes. Mama was always happy to be around people so we learned how really good it feels to be held and snuggled by them. For three more weeks, we grew and played, and pretty soon we were eating real kitten food. We were on the plump side, so Mama was taken away somewhere to be fixed, although we thought she worked quite well already. Pretty soon we all got fixed then four of us found homes. My sister Zelda is often found in laps. I love people too, and certainly have my share of lap time, but I’m also adventure-oriented. We have become tightly bonded, and it would be best for our little personalities if we could go to our next (and last) home together. We have perfect manners, as Mama was a good example. Hope we see you soon!

Jack Tripper
Jack TripperJack TripperJack Tripper
Jack TripperJack Tripper

Climb, explore, and play? Yes! Jack does all of that kitten stuff but he’s famous for providing free cuddle therapy. He came to us at the beginning of August when one of our city shelters was in need of bottle feeders. Jack was picked up with two of his “sisters” but it was clear from day one that they may not have shared both parents. They were raised together nonetheless and Jack quickly grew. He grew so fast that he is ready to find his fur-ever home a bit earlier than the rest. Jack is a mini purr machine who will literally melt in your hands. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. This boy is so gentle and sweet that he can get along beautifully with anyone in your home. Jack is an awesome “bro-fur” and, at his age, would do best with another playful cat or kitten.


Do you want to feel LOVED? NEEDED? ADORED? Ellie is the cat for you. We call her our long-legged lanky ballerina. She’s otherwise petite, polite, and loves to be held. Ellie joined us from the streets of our community back in July. Her feeder noticed she was pregnant and knew she needed to do something. Ellie gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens the day she was taken off the streets. She took wonderful care of her little ones and they are all ready for adoption. Ellie is a playful young adult whose favorite toy is a feather on a string but playing soccer with a small ball is a close second. As playful as she is, this gorgeous young adult is also content to lounge in a sun puddle while you get your work done. She gets along with other respectful cats however we believe she would be just as content as your “one and only”. Ellie has the looks, the purr-sonality, and is in great health. Who’s ready to adopt this fabulous feline?


Coco is a reserved little lady who was rescued from the streets of Torrance by a kind soul. She was on the shy side when she joined us but is gaining confidence daily. Coco finds comfort in being held, enjoys snuggling right into your neck, and will purr up a storm while lying on her back in your arms. She is very good with other cats and has a very gentle style of play. Coco shares a community room with a quiet cat who is nearly blind. She engages him in quiet play and is always open to receive a few kisses from him in return. At her age, it is ideal for her to be in a home with another kitten or young cat. Coco would also benefit greatly from a patient and understanding person who could help her blossom into the fabulous feline we know she is destined to be.


I came from the shelter to PZF. I’m not sure how things happen, like where my first home went, but what I am sure of is how much I love people. I have very poor vision, but I can hear people, and go right to them and rub against their legs. When I’m held or stroked, I make biscuits unrestrained. I trust people completely. I ride quietly in a car and am happy to be in a room with cats and kittens that are friendly. If I’m alone, I search out toys and play by myself. People tell me that I am just adorable! But do not tell me that I am handicapped, because I just wouldn’t understand that. After my neurologist looked at my brain scan, he said it would be important for me to be protected from any head trauma. I would do best in a home that isn’t too busy and without stairs. I would be sweet as pie with toddlers and children, but a lot of random indoor activity might be challenging for me to navigate, and risky. If you are seeking a calm, Zen-like companion, with positive vibes and abundant love to share, ask if we might be a match.


Izzy is an active and loving little guy who was rescued from the streets of Torrance by a kind soul. He loves attention from humans and is always up for a good cuddle session. Izzy will call out to you when he hears you approaching and becomes an instant purr machine as soon as you pick him up. There is an adorably playful side to him as well. We haven’t found a toy he doesn’t like. Izzy is all boy and loves a good wrestling match with fellow kittens however, he also knows how to respect the adult felines he’s currently sharing space with. At his age, it is ideal for him to be in a home with another kitten or young cat. If you’re searching for an orange and white boy with a big purrsonality, Izzy is the one!


I’ve been told it was looking pretty glum. I was six weeks old, sitting in a shelter with a badly fractured pelvis. Peter Zippi was called and a nice lady picked me up. An orthopedic specialist was needed for my tiny size and extent of the injury. I had an examination and an MRI. The orthopedist felt if I stayed quiet and grew up a little my “soft” bones of babyhood would be able to develop and heal. I stayed in the most loving foster home while all this happened. I walked really funny at first. Staying quiet was nearly impossible for me, but with constant love and attention instead of wild play, I began to walk more normally and ceased to need pain medicine. I’m a “free-range” kitten in search of a fur-ever home now! I did fine with my spay surgery, and have no signs of a previous injury when I walk or tear around the house like a tornado. I’ll need another set of x-rays on my six-month birthday. Peter Zippi will cover it. I just need you to cover my fur-ever home. I promise to entertain you every day. I can do a complete somersault after chasing down the toy you throw across the room for me. I’ll even help you find unexplored nooks and crannies in our home. I really love people so I may follow you around the house. I hope that’s OK.


Triscuit started her life with a family. She was born in an apartment in a complex that surrounded a small pool. After a while, she was put outside to live with the other neighborhood cats that made the complex their home. All of them relied on the pool water and whatever scraps were shared or found in the trash. Triscuit longed for the comfort of an apartment again and a family to love her. She wanted it so badly that she would wind around people’s ankles for attention and affection. A member of a wide-ranging rescue network swooped in to help and this is how Triscuit landed at Peter Zippi. Triscuit is a petite lady with an air of confidence that immediately tells you, she can own the room if she wants to. In fact, she loves to be where the action is and will follow you around the room. Triscuit loves to engage in interactive play, her favorite toy is a feather on a string. She chases it with wild abandon until she's breathless. Triscuit isn't picky though, she'll happily chase after any toy you throw across the room. We're still working on getting her to bring it back though. When playtime is over, she loves to be held and will purr up a storm in your arms. If you’re looking for a purr-fect little companion, Triscuit is your gal!


When Rylee joined us in mid-July, we knew she had it rough for a while. She was disheveled and had been shaved because her medium length fur had not been cared for, and was painfully matted. Rylee was not even able to groom herself due to constant pain from untreated gingivitis. When a fellow animal lover saw her sad story on social media she stepped in and found her a safe place to land… here at Peter Zippi. Despite her pain, Rylee would respond to any gesture of love and caring with a rub of her cheek. Rylee had to have all the molars behind her canines removed due to the damage caused by living with gingivitis for so long. Once she was out of pain Rylee became even more engaging and so very lovey. She is very comfortable with people and does well with cats that are respectful of her space. Now that she is receiving the care she deserves we believe she will be showing off some gorgeous medium-length fur in the future. Rylee is so gentle and accepting. She is just starting to come into her own and we believe the best is yet to come.


This petite bundle of energy is highly social, very affectionate, and loves to play. Kimora is not one to stay in the background. She is the official greeter at Peter Zippi and paws-on supervisor of all computer and office work. Kimora is a firm believer in good work to fun balance and is not afraid to tell you when it’s time to play. She hasn’t met a toy she doesn’t like and will happily entertain herself for a little while. When playtime is over, Kimora loves to nest on a chest or cuddle in a lap, she also enjoys a nice high perch with a window to observe the outside world. Kimora can’t get enough chin scratches and loves to nuzzle your neck and shoulders. Are you ready for a life filled with laughter and love? This confident little house panther is ready to deliver in a big way.


Corazon, named for the double heart shape on her side, was a young Mom having a tough time on the streets of Downey in early June. A Good Samaritan stepped in to give her and her little boy a better life. Now that her baby boy is grown and placed as “foster to adopt”, it’s her turn for a fur-ever home. At first, Corazon was a bit apprehensive in her new surroundings but as time has passed she’s learned to trust people. She loves affection and readily purrs when her chin is scratched. As with any young adult, she gets the occasional “zoomies” and it’s such a joy to watch her having fun. Corazon’s favorite toy is a feather on a string. When she isn’t playing or receiving love, she enjoys passing the time by gazing out of the window from the highest perch in the room. Corazon also loves a good sun puddle to nap in. Are you looking for a laid-back cat who gets the occasional "zoomies" to keep you company? If so, Corazon could be the right girl for you!

  • Domestic Short Hair, Tortoiseshell, Mixed
  • Adult, Female, Medium
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Housebroken
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without cats
  • Contact us about Flakita

*** COURTESY POSTING - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc will provide your contact information to the appropriate contact if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous feline. *** Ms. Flakita is a charming and beautiful Tortoiseshell girl who is approximately 5-years of age. She is youthful and playful. Flakita loves to cuddle and will purr loudly to show her appreciation for your affection. While she has spent time in a home with cats, this beauty would prefer to be your “one and only.” Flakita has tested positive for FIV and is otherwise healthy. She is very adoptable, and can live the same lifespan as an FIV-negative cat. If you’re looking to add a cat to your life, Flakita will make a family with no other pets incredibly happy.

  • Domestic Short Hair, Tabby, Mixed
  • Senior, Female, Medium
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without small kidsPrefers home without dogs
  • Contact us about Zenobia

*** COURTESY POSTING - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc will provide your contact information to the appropriate contact if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous feline. *** Zenobia’s person had to go into Assisted Living and could not bring her with them. She is approximately 10 years young with a zest for life and a lot of love to give. Zenobia has a very sweet disposition and is very affectionate once she gets to know you. She would do best in a home without children or older children that are more predictable. She isn’t a fan of dogs but another cat would be fine with the proper introduction. Zenobia desperately needs a forever home where she can get the love and attention she deserves. Do you have room in your heart and your home?