Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home

Featured Pet – Jackie

We are thrilled to introduce Jackie as our featured pet! This beautiful lady came to us after being rescued from an LA County Shelter where she was picked up as a stray. Once she gets to know you, Jackie is a loving companion who enjoys interactive playtime as well as giving and receiving affection. By opening your heart and home to Jackie, you’ll gain a loyal and furry companion for life.

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Fosters Wanted

Are you ready to open up your heart and your home? Prepare a cat or kittens for home life while freeing up shelter space to help even more fabulous felines. You provide a little space and a lot of love. We provide the rest! The biggest benefit is pride in knowing that you helped save furry lives. We have various opportunities available, from seniors to newborns, that allow for all levels of experience.

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Why Spaying and Neutering Matters:

In addition to benefitting your pet, you also benefit your community.

Curb Pet Homelessness

Promote Responsible pet Ownership

Reduce Strain on Rescue Organizations and Shelters

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