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 . Farrah .  . Farrah .  . Farrah .  . Farrah .
Farrah was brought into the shelter as a “stray”, and rescued by us on New Year’s Eve Day. She had lost a lot of fur recently, maybe from flea allergy dermatitis. It is already growing back in, so she was named after Farrah Fawcett in the belief she will have a lovely coat soon. This young lady is very affectionate. She will beg to be held and loved. Once you pick her up, she purrs up a storm. Farrah clearly learned to love people, and also gets along with the other cats in her community room if they are polite. She is very confident and will make a terrific companion and family member. If you are seeking a petite young lady who will be forever grateful for the loving home you provide then Farrah is your gal.
 . Dexter .  . Dexter .  . Dexter .  . Dexter .
Dexter was an outdoor cat who showed up at the right place at the right time. At least it was the right place for regular daily meals and people who cared about him even if they couldn’t provide him a home. One morning he showed up, after being gone for a few days, dragging his back leg. The folks who had been caring for him knew it had to be checked out and, to their dismay, found out his leg was not only broken but would have to be amputated. With his ability to live outdoors safely extremely compromised his friends sought to place him in an indoor only home. After living a life on the streets Dexter is, understandably, a bit reserved with new people. Once he’s settled in he becomes a curious, energetic and playful cat. He can also be very loving. Dexter has the cutest, sweetest little face, an adorable little meow and he just loves to be scratched under the chin. This unassuming guy never complains, even when kittens invade his space. Anyone would be so lucky to have him as their FURever companion. Will you be the one to adopt this handsome fella? He will be a true friend if you do!
 . Lux .  . Lux .  . Lux .  . Lux .
Lux came to us as a medical rescue from a City shelter. She had a very serious injury to her lower front right leg and paw. It was probably a situation of car vs. baby but we will never know for sure. After several weeks of cage rest and laser therapy treatments her paw is healing well although it will always have a unique look to it. Lux is the nicest little girl. She is always quick to greet you with a soft meow and pat on the face. She also loves to play with the other kittens in our community room. Lux would surely be a wonderful addition to any FURever family. Will it be yours?
 . Ginger .  . Ginger .  . Ginger .  . Ginger .  . Ginger .
Our litter of four was taken to the shelter as strays. At less than one month old, we were just learning to eat on our own. We were kind of dirty, but really quite fine with being handled by people. The shelter asked PZF if we could go to them to avoid catching anything in the busy shelter. And we did. We lived for the next five weeks in a really fun foster home with three little girls, a medium sized dog, and their mom and dad. Boy was it fun! First we got bubble baths, and after that the little girls only put us down when it was time for bed or school. While we were on our own, we used the dog as a jungle gym. Lots of people are a little afraid of Missy, but we proved that pit mixes have hearts as big as their heads. Now we are fixed and ready for our permanent families, waiting at PZF. We are all confident, sweet and adventuresome. We yearn to be back in a real home instead of a cage. Will you be the one to make that happen?
 . Sally .  . Sally .  . Sally .  . Sally .  . Sally .  . Sally .
Some observant people rescued my twin sister and I from the wheel wells of their car when we were just weaning. After a day or two at the shelter, we went to PZF with another little girl to grow up together in a foster home. We ran and played and ate a lot after we got the hang of it. A little bottle now and then got us over the hump. Our tails have kinks in them! We had a few big cat baby-sitters, so we learned how to be social with adult cats as well as each other. We ran around and helped our foster parents watch TV in the evening. We have perfect litter box habits, and remain good eaters. Now we are ready to find a permanent home. Did you know that orange girls are not common? Well, add our kinked tails, and we are one (two?) in a million! We are a little slow in getting to know new people, but sit down and play with toys, and we will be your fans forever. I talk under my breath occasionally, but it is just a little confidence builder. From the time I was a wildish baby, I always had something to say. Neither of us has ever thought about scratching or biting, even when we were teeny and scared to death. Now we are adorable and fun.
 . Simon .  . Simon .  . Simon .  . Simon .  . Simon .
*** COURTESY POSTING - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc will provide you with the appropriate contact if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous feline. *** Look deep into my eyes...aren't they just gorgeous? My name is Simon, and I'm currently living as an outside stray cat in Redondo Beach, but I'm pretty sure I'd like to change things up and be someone's loveable house cat instead. I've been friendly with people for a few years now and have ventured into the house for some afternoon naps on the occasions I was allowed and have even had overnights when the weather is bad. I use the litter box like a good boy when I'm inside. These people would love to let me in for good...but they have other cats who disagree with that decision. I've got all my shots, am healthy and neutered. After so many years on the streets I am cautious with new people but once I get to know you I will purr when I see you and make you some biscuits. I can get a little attitude on occasion, it's the "street cat" in me. My people say it's easily dealt with by reading my signals. I'm generally friendly with other cats and have no problem with random wildlife such as racoons, possums and skunks...but I think it's time for me to move someplace safer...wouldn't you love to look into these gorgeous eyes every morning when I'm your furever friend living in your house?
 . Patty .  . Patty .  . Patty .  . Patty .  . Patty .
Patty is a beautiful girl with soulful eyes. Patty is a fun and playful little lady who loves people. Especially the people that pet her and give her chin scratches. She is alert, loves to explore and play with her pals in the Community Cat Room. If you’re looking for a calm and polite young lady you must meet our girl Patty.
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