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 . Dobie .  . Dobie .  . Dobie .  . Dobie .  . Dobie .
Dobie was a big boy at 4 weeks of age in the shelter. He could eat all by himself, and had learned to use the litter box as well. Dobie needed to grow more in a home setting, though, before he could go to his own home, so he came to PZF. PZF had a little girl kitten growing all by herself, and it seemed they were meant for each other. It was love at first sight, and the two slept together, ate and played together as if they had been littermates. Now Dobie is ready to go forth into the world and live with you. He is simply perfect. Unflappable, he can be passed around a big group of volunteers without missing a purr. Everyone loves Dobie! Come see him and fall in love yourself. When you do, be sure to meet Valentina, the love of his life.
 . Valentina .  . Valentina .  . Valentina .  . Valentina .  . Valentina .
Valentina’s eyes had hardly opened when she came from the shelter to a PZF foster home. She was raised in a home with three little girls, who were ready with a bottle whenever she “peeped.” Her next foster home included a tiny boy kitten to play and grow with. They were inseparable as they learned to eat, use the litter box, and play till exhaustion. Valentina is now ready to find her forever home. She has won everyone’s hearts, and is just waiting to snag yours as well. She has remarkable fur – you simply have to see her to understand. Could she be a Nebelung mix? She doesn't have the plumed tail (yet). She is quite the “catch.” Valentina would love to keep living with her childhood friend, Dobie, who is also ready to go to a home. He’s a cutie too!
 . Babette .  . Babette .  . Babette .  . Babette .
Babette is missing something. Tortitude! Do you know what that is? Many female feline redheads are very opinionated, and the term “tortitude” evolved. Babette is patient, flexible, adores people, and is just a perfect cat. Well, something else is missing as well. You can see from her photos that her eyes look a little different. PZF took Babette from the shelter because she didn’t have a good chance of finding a home without surgery. She was born with defects to her upper eyelids, and an eye surgeon will address that. There is nothing to stop you from meeting this darling cat right now, though. She is petite, curious, polite, and playful. Sometime in her life she knew a dog, as she is quite at ease with the little dog that is part of our volunteer group. Come meet Babette, and she will melt your heart.
 . Barney .  . Barney .  . Barney .  . Barney .  . Barney .
Barney was living on the streets with his cat family. When they were taken to the clinic to be spayed and neutered, Barney had a cold, and couldn’t have his surgery. The PZF Volunteer who was helping the community took him home and discovered he behaved like a stray and not a feral. Saved by the sniffles! When Barney was well, he joined the PZ family and is learning how to live in a new kind of home. He has kitty pals and lots of volunteers to play with now. Barney is still a little cautious when first meeting people but can’t resist a show of affection. Get down to his level and offer up some chin scratches and you will have yourself a lap cat in no time. He is a very sweet, non-aggressive little guy. Barney is all dressed up in his “tuxedo” and ready to go out the door to your home. Come and meet him – he is a marvel!
 . Simon .  . Simon .  . Simon .  . Simon .  . Simon .
*** COURTESY POSTING - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc will provide you with the appropriate contact if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous feline. *** Look deep into my eyes...aren't they just gorgeous? My name is Simon, and I'm currently living as an outside stray cat in Redondo Beach, but I'm pretty sure I'd like to change things up and be someone's loveable house cat instead. I've been friendly with people for a few years now and have ventured into the house for some afternoon naps on the occasions I was allowed and have even had overnights when the weather is bad. I use the litter box like a good boy when I'm inside. These people would love to let me in for good...but they have other cats who disagree with that decision. I've got all my shots, am healthy and neutered. After so many years on the streets I am cautious with new people but once I get to know you I will purr when I see you and make you some biscuits. I can get a little attitude on occasion, it's the "street cat" in me. My people say it's easily dealt with by reading my signals. I'm generally friendly with other cats and have no problem with random wildlife such as racoons, possums and skunks...but I think it's time for me to move someplace safer...wouldn't you love to look into these gorgeous eyes every morning when I'm your furever friend living in your house?
 . Patty .  . Patty .  . Patty .  . Patty .  . Patty .
Patty is a beautiful girl with soulful eyes. She needs a little extra time to get to get comfortable with other cats and once she has it she's a wonderfully caring companion. Patty is a fun and playful little lady who loves people. Especially the people that pet her and give her chin scratches. She is alert and interested in exploring so we believe she will be much happier in a home where she has more room to roam. If you’re looking for a calm and polite young lady you must meet our girl Patty.
 . Yogi .  . Yogi .  . Yogi .  . Yogi .  . Yogi .
*** The fine folks at Evolution Burger ( have sponsored Yogi's adoption fee! *** Yogi was turned into the city shelter as a “stray,” so we don’t know anything about his past. We took him to PZF, as he didn’t have much of a chance getting adopted at the shelter. Yogi doesn’t walk exactly straight. His head seems to want to turn, but he has mastered forward motion just fine. If he were just a kitten, we would suspect a birth condition, cerebellar hypoplasia, which affects coordination, but not personality or intelligence. And he hollers. We thought he was upset, but then we did some experiments, and he appears to be deaf. Other than that, Yogi is in the peak of good health. Sadly, we have no history, so Yogi remains a man of mystery. What we did discover is that he is extremely affectionate, and wants to be with people. He sleeps under a desk at PZF, on the floor or in a chair, and seems perfectly at home. When he is in the community cat room, he isn’t wild about being with adult cats or kittens, so we think he was a well cared for only cat who was loved by a person with a desk. Oh – about the name. Yogi has catcher’s mitt-sized feet with lots of toes. And he makes us smile and be happy. Yogi Berra would be proud of his namesake. Yogi would make a perfect family cat – although young children may prove to be unsettling to him if they cannot conceive of his deafness and how to approach him without surprise. He is very mellow, and just needs a person or two to help him feel safe, secure and loved.
 . Creamsicle .  . Creamsicle .  . Creamsicle .
Boy do I wish I could tell my story! I was found as a dirty, skinny 4-week-old kitten with a badly fractured hind leg. The shelter asked PZF if they would take me in and fix my leg so I could be healed and would never have to live on the streets again. At that time, I was estimated by weight to be only 4 weeks old. It’s a good thing that cats live in the present – I can barely remember those days, and it has only been a couple of months. There really can be miracles. A surgeon managed to fix my leg with a tiny plate and 5 screws to hold the two ends of the bone together. My leg bone was about the size of a pipe cleaner I bet. The volunteers all held me gently and cooed over me when they weren’t carefully cleaning the oil and grime out of my ears and fur. Soon I felt much better, was walking well, and as clean and fluffy as a calendar kitten. After a long cage time to allow the bone to knit fairly well, I needed to learn to get along with other kittens. I was so self-centered and pushy, it took a plucky little calico kitten (see Peeps) to teach me manners. Now I play nicely with my kitten and cat friends in the common room. After my weeks of solitary cage rest, I LOVE all people. You are the best thing ever!!!! You made me feel safe and cared for after a nightmare experience. My purrs never stop except for when I must race off and join kitten antics periodically. I would love to have a home of my own, and maybe Peeps could come too. Let’s get together; I bet you can’t leave without me.
 . Cammie .  . Cammie .  . Cammie .
I was a neighborhood cat; enjoying the people and especially the nice food and fresh water they gave me. Unfortunately, I was also enjoying an active kitty social life, and one night I just threw caution to the winds. Several weeks later, four babies appeared. Uh-oh! Did I mention that I was smart? My favorite person had left her door ajar, and that was just the opportunity I needed. I carried my new babies inside, very pleased to announce that she had guests. Oops! That was another misstep in planning. The two cats that lived inside immediately voiced their serious displeasure in our moving in, and we needed immediate relocation. PZF was able to take us in, and we lived in a really nice foster home. After my kittens were weaned, I came to PZF to be fixed and find a permanent indoor home. I am very composed and lady-like. I socialized well with other friendly cats at PZF, and also enjoyed the people in my foster home and the PZF volunteers as well. While I am not busy and really active, I am a sweet and calm friend for anyone needing a more spiritual cat. This has been a strange journey, and I will blossom when I find my perfect destination and person.
 . Johnny .  . Johnny .  . Johnny .
“Ouch! What happened? Ow ow – my leg!” I was a little 4 month-old kitten, when something happened to break my hind leg. Someone found me on the street, limping and a little dirty, and brought me to the city shelter. They x-rayed my leg, and saw it was not a bad fracture, and that it could heal while I remained quiet in a cage for a few weeks. “Are you kidding me? Hold still for weeks?” The PZF people came to take me to their place to heal. Holding still was very hard, but my leg healed perfectly. And now I’m making up for lost time being an active little guy, and I really love to play. What young guy doesn’t? They noticed that the fur on the tip of my tail was all dried into a paintbrush shape, and worried that there was something wrong. A bath revealed nothing of concern, and the fur dried fluffy and nice. The next morning, my tail tip was a dried paintbrush again. What was happening? A clever volunteer watched me from afar, and discovered that I suck my tail like a thumb. Someday I’ll outgrow that, but not yet! A year has passed, and because I have a very confident personality, I tend to be overlooked for the cuddly kittens, and less active adults. I am really smart, and love challenges and to challenge the volunteers in return. Some of my favorite games are hiding in closets, on top of cabinets, and watching them search for me. I have begun learning to walk on a harness, and have lots of fun helping in the office, as I am determined to find out what makes the copier spit out papers. I am fine with the office dog. Well, I bully him a little because he is smaller than I am. I chat with other cats through the screen door of another room, but they need to come to me slowly in person, because I get a little nervous. I would be a lot of fun in a home, probably not with small children, as I wouldn’t be very patient with being held tightly or grabbed by surprise. I still suck my tail, but not very often, and I am the most fun trickster you will meet.
 . Bob .  . Bob .
  • Tabby, Domestic Short Hair
  • Senior, Male, Large
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without small kids
  • Contact us about Bob
*** COURTESY POSTING - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc will provide you with the appropriate contact if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous feline. *** Bob is the leader of his domain but will err on the side of caution when new people arrive. Bob is very sweet once he gets to know you. He will seek out your affection during the day and loves to sit in your lap when the opportunity presents itself. Due to unforeseen circumstances his family has found themselves in the position of having to rehome him and his brother Schmitty. They are a bonded pair and would do best staying together. They would enjoy a mature, loving home.
 . Schmitty .  . Schmitty .
*** COURTESY POSTING - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc will provide you with the appropriate contact if you are interested in learning more about this fabulous feline. *** Schmitty was trapped as a kitten in downtown Los Angeles 13 years ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances his family has found themselves in the position of having to rehome him and his brother Bob. They are a bonded pair and would do best staying together. They would do best in a mature, loving home. Schmitty is very affectionate and loves to sit in your lap during the day as well as sleep in the bed with you at night. While very loving, this older gentleman also requires his "quiet space" if the household becomes too "chaotic".
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