Peter Zippi Fund
It's time to renew your RALPHS COMMUNITY REWARDS pledge!


In the last annual period (9/1/15 thru 8/31/16), our supporters prevented 5000+ homeless animals. How? The percentage of your grocery purchases donated to us was used to provide much needed spay / neuter assistance to the communities we live and work in. Let's see if we can shop our way to more! The first step is renewing your RALPHS COMMUNITY REWARDS pledge to PZF. Doing so TODAY will ensure we have your support through August 2017! Not registered? It's covered! Please click here for more details.

Featured Pet


I can imitate an abalone! Put me on your lap and I will demonstrate.

I was turned in as a stray at the shelter, and it was so very scary there. Because I am a beautiful young cat, and would never think of scratching or biting people, someone adopted me. But they brought me back in just a couple of days because I hid under their bed. They don't understand cats very well, I guess. Click here to learn more!

Do you need help to spay or neuter your pet?

We pledge up to $30 per pet at select Spay & Neuter clinics located in Long Beach, Pico Rivera, San Pedro, Torrance and Van Nuys. Click Here for More Information