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In memory of Peter Zippi, a young man dedicated to the care of animals, The Peter Zippi Fund For Animals was founded in 1977 by Dr. Alice Villalobos. We have adopted out over 14,000 pets (mostly cats) since then. The Fund is run by wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to help those who can't help themselves. The Fund sponsors medical treatment, shelter, and adoptions for lost and homeless animals.
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   Reduced Cost for    Spay/Neuter                    Wed., July 8, 2015
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Thursdays -5pm -6:30pm, VCA Coast Animal Hospital
Sundays - 1pm - 3pm,       VCA Coast Animal Hospital 


Rocco was adopted as a youngster from PZF.  He was let outside by his family, and suffered injuries on two different occasions as a result.  (Having had a full dental extraction, Rocco can never safely go outside.)  His final insult from being put outside was a trip to the shelter as a stray.  PZF received a call to alert us, and we quickly scooped him up.  Calls and a letter to his adopter went unanswered.

He was a little confused and reclusive at first, but is responding to love and stability.  Rocco responds quickly to any affection offered with purring and a sweet little chirping voice. 
He shares a multi cat space, and although he is non-aggressive, he responds defensively to other adult cats by hissing.  He deferred to an alpha female by respectfully keeping his distance, and we have discovered that he adores little kittens.  Rocco’s sense of play and general happiness have much improved with the introduction of kittens into “Uncle Rocco’s” life.

This sweet gentleman has a grateful, unassuming personality, and as such, would be a great lap-cat and calm, comforting companion.





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You may qualify for $10.00  spay/neuter services!  See the “Cats Only Special” in our 2015 Events Schedule.