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In memory of Peter Zippi, a young man dedicated to the care of animals, The Peter Zippi Fund For Animals was founded in 1977 by Dr. Alice Villalobos. We have adopted out over 14,000 pets (mostly cats) since then. The Fund is run by wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to help those who can't help themselves. The Fund sponsors medical treatment, shelter, and adoptions for lost and homeless animals.
****As a Member of Best Friends Network Partners, PZF has dropped the adoption fee for all our in-house cats from 6 months+ to just $9.00.****
****In honor of Senior Citizens Day August 21, we are entirely waiving the adoption fee for Caleb and Rocco throughout the month. Although they are not considered senior cats themselves, these two have shown the gentle affection which would be perfect for a Senior Citizen (60yrs and over) who would benefit from a well-adjusted, loving and calm friend. This is a great opportunity to experience the love, joy and companionship that adult cats can bring to a Senior's life.****
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* Lucy Pet Foundation      Low Cost                 Spay/Neuter Clinic    Friday,Aug.7                    CLICK for INFO

* Suzy’s Bar & Grill
   Peter Zippi Fund
   For Animals Benefit

Hermosa Beach, CA
Sat., Sept. 12, 7-11pm


Thursdays -5pm -6:30pm, VCA Coast Animal Hospital
Sundays - 1pm - 3pm,       VCA Coast Animal Hospital 


I love attention from people, but just a little bit at a time, please. After I have had my cheeks scratched and head rubbed, I let the volunteers know that I am "full" of love for the time being. However, very soon, I am back requesting more attention. Perhaps I never received much love in the home I came from, and I am learning to crave longer and longer periods of affection.

I love to play with toys, especially a laser light. I enjoy chasing it all around the room. I am still like a kitten when the toys come out, and never tire of any interactive playtime with humans.

I'm hoping to find a real home soon. I don't think I would be very patient with young children, but I do enjoy the company of kittens and maybe one other docile, adult cat. I have been seen grooming and playing with some of my kitten roommates as well as doing the same with an adult newcomer who recently arrived in our communal cat room! I'm a gorgeous, healthy young girl, and I'd love to become your companion for life.




You may qualify for $10.00  spay/neuter services!  See the “Cats Only Special” in our 2015 Events Schedule.