Peter Zippi Fund
In memory of Peter Zippi, a young man dedicated to the care of animals, The Peter Zippi Fund For Animals was founded in 1977 by Dr. Alice Villalobos. We have adopted out over 14,000 pets (mostly cats) since then. The Fund is run by wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to help those who can't help themselves. The Fund sponsors medical treatment, shelter, and adoptions for lost and homeless animals; and provides spay/neuter financial assistance to the community.

We would like to thank all of the generous donors who, in honor of #FeralCatDay, donated to our food drive in October. How about if we help to keep food on the plates of these needy cats for Thanksgiving too? Food donations will be accepted at The Peter Zippi Fund for Animals through November 30th.

Featured Pet


Scarlet is one lucky kitty! While still quite young she was rescued from an animal-hoarding situation when the house caught on fire. Imagine how very lucky she is to be have survived such an ordeal and to have come through it all like a champ.

When you meet her you will never know that this vivacious and incredibly confident and fun loving kitten had endured so much. She is very loving, adores being petted and will sit on your lap endlessly purring all the while. She also is full of mischief and delighted to romp with other kitties and is perfectly happy around a respectful dog.

Scarlet's fur is incredibly fine and soft. We call it "bunny fur." She also has the most beautiful pair of amber colored eyes that you have ever seen. She is a real beauty.

We hope you will come and meet this remarkable and high-spirited kitty and give her the wonderful forever home she so deserves. We know you won't be sorry.