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I was taken to the City shelter as a stray, but I had definitely been living in a caring home for most of my short life, as nothing is better to me than being loved. If cat sweetness could be scored, I am a "10". Don't get me wrong; I love to run and play with other friendly cats and kittens, and am always a gentleman in my play.

I do have a little problem. They found a small defect in my loving heart. Right now you would never guess that it is there - I race around and play with my cat pals. Probably one day I will choose to be more sedate, but as you know, cats live in the present.

So if you have room in your family for an amazing amount of love, a soft presence on your lap or by your side, and can provide a little extra medical oversight for me, I'm right here waiting for you to come through the door. Just ask for "Rudy."

The Peter Zippi Fund for Animals was recently featured in The Beach Reporter. It's a great, informative article which includes our inception in 1977 through current day. Click here to read more.
photo by Jacquelyne May

Founder of The Peter Zippi Fund for Animals, Dr. Alice Villalobos, is named "Woman of the Year" by the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. This is a great honor, we are very proud of our Founder who started rescuing dogs and cats as a child and continues to this day.
NKLA 2015 Grant Recipient

2015 Volunteer of the Year, Evelyn Senior, took on the job of Grant Coordinator and helped PZF receive a generous grant from Best Friends Animal Society. Click here to read more about Evelyn's contributions.