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In memory of Peter Zippi, a young man dedicated to the care of animals, The Peter Zippi Fund For Animals was founded in 1977 by Dr. Alice Villalobos. We have adopted out over 14,000 pets (mostly cats) since then. The Fund is run by wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to help those who can't help themselves. The Fund sponsors medical treatment, shelter, and adoptions for lost and homeless animals.
Peter Zippi Fund
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ASPCA Grant Recipient 2014
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Donations Are Tax Deductible.  We are a California 501(c)(3)  Tax ID#33-0042687





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*FIESTA HERMOSA 2015    May 23, 24, 25            Join us at the Peter Zippi booth in space 153.       Click for Info

   Reduced Cost for    Spay/Neuter                    Friday, June 5, 2015


Thursdays -5pm -6:30pm, VCA Coast Animal Hospital
Sundays - 1pm - 3pm,       VCA Coast Animal Hospital 


I'm about two years old.  My person left me at the shelter, and PZF folks brought me back with them to live while waiting for you to come and adopt me. 

I live with a volunteer in her home, and she has learned all about my preferences and behaviors.  I am NOT cuddly!   I do NOT want to be hugged or sit in your lap.  I DO always want to be with you – sit on your mouse pad, next to you in a chair, or lay at your feet.  I will sleep with you on your bed at night, just not up against you.

I will run to greet all your guests at the door.  I like to be around them also, but they can’t touch me unless I am in the mood.   After I know you are my family, you can pet me (when I invite you to), and when I am sleepy, you can give me belly rubs and scratch my neck, and I will purr.  My foster mom kisses me a lot too.

I'm a healthy, neutered guy with a microchip.  I have excellent toilet habits, and eat regular food.

I can play from dawn to dusk without resting.  I love feathers, things on a string, and little toys to bat around.  The more we play, the happier I am.

          I will charm and entertain you and your guests, as long as we all play by my rules.




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