Peter Zippi Fund

Peter Zippi Cats and Kittens will be at Fiesta Hermosa in downtown Hermosa Beach.

Check them out, fall in love and bring home your new best friend!
Click on the picture below to see the list of Peter Zippi cats now!

Featured Pet


I was surrendered to the City shelter as a stray along with my kittens, who were still nursing. It was a traumatic time for me. Thank goodness the PZF folks came to my rescue! They believed I had really lived in a home because I was in such good condition and as loving a cat as you could ever meet. So after my kittens were weaned, I went to live with the PZF cats.

I have been spayed, and am playing and enjoying a safe life with other cat friends while I wait for a home of my own. I'm hoping that a caring person will come to adopt me because I would make an absolutely perfect companion.

A little brushing maintenance for my gorgeous fur is all I need in addition to lots of loving and playing. Chasing the red dot on the laser toy is one of my favorite games!

I have a lot of purrs saved up to lavish on my perspective new owner - I practice them all the time with the PZF volunteers. Why not come by and listen? Maybe I will "resonate" with you.

The Peter Zippi Fund for Animals was recently featured in The Beach Reporter. It's a great, informative article which includes our inception in 1977 through current day. Click here to read more.
NKLA 2015 Grant Recipient

2015 Volunteer of the Year, Evelyn Senior, took on the job of Grant Coordinator and helped PZF receive a generous grant from Best Friends Animal Society. Click here to read more about Evelyn's contributions.